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"This guide is such a great resource for first-time moms. The way Dr Obidi transformed his experience of almost 20 years as a Pediatrician into an informative guide for expectant moms was very respectful and beautiful. The guide gives you a lot of good information so you can definitely feel more confident when you finally meet your little one. As a first-time mom of a 12-month old, I know how challenging motherhood can be and having this type of resources can make a difference as you will have more confidence with your own decisions. I also want to mention that the presentation is beautiful. Congratulations to all the mommies out there"

- Angelica Berrios

"Such a helpful guide especially for those scary and worrisome questions you have in the beginning! No need to google every little thing because it’s all right there for you! Something every new mom should have on hand!"

- Nicolle Notte

Being a new mother has been particularly difficult for me. I am a full-time graduate student, a part time worker, and a full-time mom all during a global pandemic. On top of all that I had a problem with a low milk supply. When my son was a newborn, it was a very emotional and difficult time for me. Dr. Obidi had a great bedside manner and this resource guide is a wonderful reminder that we are all trying to be the best moms we can be. Thank you, Dr. Obidi for supporting our family.

- Charlotte Riggs

About the Guide

Dr. Obidi (Dr. O) is a board certified pediatrician practicing for over 20 years in Western Maryland and a father of 3 kids.
Over the years he has had the privilege of walking alongside countless new moms and has seen first hand what worries, fears and concerns they often have.
He has created this resource guide from this knowledge and experience to better prepare you for your baby’s arrival.