Expectant moms: Are you worried about choosing
"The Right Pediatrician" for your baby

Free checklist reveals the 3 SIMPLE steps you need to take to ensure your pediatrician is aligned with your values and able to meet your needs

  • Choosing a pediatrician for your baby is an important task to check off your to do list before your baby comes.
  • The provider you choose will be caring for your baby for potentially a long time.
  • There will be multiple visits with them over the course of your child’s life so it is important to take your time and consider your choice.


"Dr. Obidi couldn’t be any better with my daughter. He’s very knowledgeable and informative and always insists that I ask questions."

- Leslie Dawson

"Whether it is your first child or your third, you will always have that worry that something may be wrong with your precious baby. I can always count on Dr. Obidi to ease my mind at each appointment when I have a list of questions or concerns."

- Mrs. Mera-Aguilar

"Such a helpful guide especially for those scary and worrisome questions you have in the beginning! I also want to thank you for being so amazing and always making me feel comfortable and HEARD which is so important to me. You take so much time answering all my questions without making me feel rushed or that my question or concerns are irrelevant."

- Roger (New York, NY)

"As a first time mom, Dr. Obidi has been so helpful and really listens to all my questions and concerns. I couldn’t have chosen a better pediatrician for my son."

- Ashley Richardson

Meet Dr. Obidi

Hi. I’m Dr. Obidi. I’m a board certified pediatrician practicing for over 17 years. I enjoy the distinct privilege of guiding moms like you to be confident and empowered moms raising healthy kids. I know how beautiful it is when you have a pediatrician that is aligned with your values and how frustrating it is when that is not the case. This checklist will guide you to finding the “right pediatrician” that is an aligned, supportive and valuable resource to your family.